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How to Setup WebDAV Based File Server Using Apache2 on Ubuntu 12.04

December 26, 2013



​Hi fellas, after a while going to write about setting up a WebDAV based file sharing system. What’s WebDAV? Well, to make it simple it’s a protocol for read write access to the file system works in conjunction with http ​web services. Somewhat similar to ftp access. One advantage using this setup is you can […]

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Installing OpenVPN with Shorewall in Ubuntu – Part 2

September 16, 2013



If you haven’t go through the OpenVPN installation part, you can check in Part 1. Now we have a client connected to the server with IP address First we need to tell server to route incoming packets destined to internet through server’s public IP. Which we call NAT. I’m using Shorewall to do the […]

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Installing OpenVPN Server with Shorewall in Ubuntu – Part 1

August 16, 2013



Hello everyone. I couldn’t post anything recently as I got stuck with some projects. Today I’ll be covering OpenVPN installation with Shorewall in Ubuntu 12.04. This is something new I tried and it worked for me :D. On the first part I’ll go through the basic installation and getting a user connected to the server. […]

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Archive All Incoming & Outgoing Mails in Zimbra / Postfix

March 4, 2013

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My friend using Zimbra at his office asked me that if there’s any possibilities to keep all incoming and outgoing mails of all users in separate location where his boss can see the mails while users are unaware of it 😀 After few Google searches I found the solution. It basically auto bcc all inbound […]

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Prolink PHS300 Dongle on Ubuntu

February 22, 2013


First of all, I must admit that I’m not a geek. I started to use FOSS in 2009 just because I didn’t wanted to use pirated softwares since that would be breaching the second precept of Buddhist Five Precepts. However, recently I bought a mobile internet connection with a dongle from Etisalat. Before buying the […]

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Rsync Script With File Versioning by Date

February 19, 2013


This script I’m using on my file server when mirroring the data from primary hard drive to backup and external hard drive. Which basically checks for the files which have been modified or deleted on primary by comparing backed up data on the backup drive and then move the unmodified and undeleted files from backup […]

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Ubuntu now fits on your smartphone

January 4, 2013


Indeed a good news to hear!! I’m was with Ubuntu for more than 5 years… Or I could say; ever since I was fallen in love with Open-source industry. That’s because Ubuntu became better and better for each & every update they released till now. Also, last year(2012), they’ve released their last LTS (Long-term Support) or […]

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Zimbra 8.0 Outgoing SMTP Authentication

October 19, 2012



Recently I’ve installed zimbra 8.0 on one of my client’s server, but I couldn’t use existing wiki instructions to relay outbound mails through no-ip. After few searches, found the solution in zimbra forums. In brief we have to use zmlocalconfig instead of postconf. Follow the instructions below to enable outgoing smtp authentication in zimbra 8.0 […]

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How to Change Network Interface Name in Ubuntu (eth1 to eth0)

September 25, 2012


Network Interface Card

When last time I replaced the network card on my Ubuntu server and I couldn’t get the network to work.  Then I found ‘eth1‘ instead of ‘eth0‘ in ‘ifconfig’. But configuration was set to ‘eth0′ in ‘/etc/network/interfaces‘ file. So the solution is to rename ‘eth1′ back to ‘eth0′ as follows. In Ubuntu edit the following file. […]

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Setup a Headless Transmission Client in Ubuntu 12.04

August 10, 2012


Transmission headless

After searching for a solution to run Transmission BitTorrent client as a service (daemon) instead of opening manually and keep the running icon on the desktop and found ‘transmission-daemon’ package which will let us to run Transmission in a headless server or in our own NAS. Transmission daemon can be accessed by its’ web interface […]

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