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How to Change Network Interface Name in Ubuntu (eth1 to eth0)

September 25, 2012


Network Interface Card

When last time I replaced the network card on my Ubuntu server and I couldn’t get the network to work.  Then I found ‘eth1‘ instead of ‘eth0‘ in ‘ifconfig’. But configuration was set to ‘eth0′ in ‘/etc/network/interfaces‘ file. So the solution is to rename ‘eth1′ back to ‘eth0′ as follows. In Ubuntu edit the following file. […]

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How Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Works

April 11, 2012


Address Resolution Protocol

Followed by azker‘s article on OSI model Part-1 and Part-2. In this article I will explain what this ARP and why it’s important to know about it. In OSI Layers you see there are two types of addresses in OSI model. Network layer contains IP address and Datalink layer contains MAC address. When I was […]

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