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How to Setup WebDAV Based File Server Using Apache2 on Ubuntu 12.04

December 26, 2013



​Hi fellas, after a while going to write about setting up a WebDAV based file sharing system. What’s WebDAV? Well, to make it simple it’s a protocol for read write access to the file system works in conjunction with http ​web services. Somewhat similar to ftp access. One advantage using this setup is you can […]

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How-To: “rm” command to empty a directory with huge file list

June 6, 2013



Though I’m a Linux user, even I find my self trapped in such occasion when executing commands. But, I never forget that Google is my friend. I make a note to my self of whatever I find as solution. Therefore, I thought this might help somene like me to make their life easy. : D […]

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IPFire the Successor to IPCop

May 30, 2013



Being a fan of IPCop when I was trying to download it and just for my curiosity typed IPCop vs in Google search and found something interesting, an another firewall distro called IPFire. After doing some reading I found that it’s the completed version of current IPCop which includes all the features that are inbuilt into […]

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Setup a Headless Transmission Client in Ubuntu 12.04

August 10, 2012


Transmission headless

After searching for a solution to run Transmission BitTorrent client as a service (daemon) instead of opening manually and keep the running icon on the desktop and found ‘transmission-daemon’ package which will let us to run Transmission in a headless server or in our own NAS. Transmission daemon can be accessed by its’ web interface […]

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Broadcast Audio Online with Icecast Darkice and ezstream

July 19, 2012



If you ever wanted to broadcast your own voice or a mp3 playlist, here’s the solution for that. When I was exploring about online broadcasting, I found two popular audio broadcasting applications those are Shoutcast (Windows) and Icecast (Linux). In this guide I’ll setup an Icecast server in Ubuntu. The reason why I choose to Linux based […]

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MiniTube – An app which plays & downloads YouTube videos

April 30, 2012



While I was trying to find a song on YouTube, I suddenly thought of an App because of the frequent crash on my chrome. I’ve no idea what’s happening, but Google’s Chrome started acting wierd these days.. even when I’m on windows or linux (Ubuntu). While the time I search for the video, I also […]

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