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We compose articles mainly based on our day to day technology related challenges with proven practicals (except for guest posts). IT industry cannot be described with simple words as the technology we use at present can be simple yet complex with plenty of Pro’s and Con’s so to speak. At times it is even difficult for one to refer a video or a How-To article and fix the issue due to the lack of simplicity. Therefore, we have taken an oath to help and protect such fellow users by simplifying the technology and its use in writing. We’re living in a globe where money plays the major role, even for knowledge. Yet, we share the knowledge for free with proven demonstrations (in videos, pictures… etc). Yes, we love Google, Youtube & Wikipedia

What do you accept for posting; 

As we are fascinated in Technology, you’re allowed to post anything that related the said topic. This is not just related to a single aspect as it can vary from a basic to advance covering a “what is a computer?” to “how a computer is made?”. Also, not to forget that “how a website is developed?”. This means the word “Information Technology” is the barrier to write. If you have no clue yet, then refer some bullet points below;

  • Technology – Network, Web, Programming… etc
  • OS – Windows, Linux, Mac… etc
  • Mobile/OS – Samsung, Apple, Android, iOS… etc
  • Tutorials/How-To’s – Tricks abut hacking, Simple Window tricks… etc
  • & many others…

I hope now the picture is clear. : )

Guidelines for posting as a guest; 

Not matter how complex the technology or its service is, we love simplifying it and taking it to any type of user who understands it. We do not hold our guest posters on everything other than below key points;

  • Your article should author your name (your own) and is not lower than 300 words. Let’s call it 30 sentences to make it a fair deal.
  • Always credit the original source, if a web link, video or picture helped any. This applies to the pictures if you’ve copy/paste in the site as well.
  • Posts should be related to the topic and well written in a simple manner (as we love simplicity)
  • You’re encouraged to compose your articles in your own way of explaining yet simplicity should be maintained
  • Strictly, no links/videos/images containing adult content, drug related, affiliate, gambling, commercial, bad, banned sites links are allowed. This will lead to an immediate termination of the account.
Benefits of volunteering as a guest; 

Not all can volunteer such a valuable time just to benefit anonymous amount users. But some are, and our humble gratitude for those who volunteer. Remember smiling keeps you happy and healthy. And There’s no happiness than seeing someone smiling, being happy while benefiting of you wrote which alone benefits you. Thus;

  • You’re allowed to place a source link  to any one of you web portfolio, social media, blog… etc. We do not pretend yet we receive an accepted amount of organic traffics through searches, social media links… etc. This will indeed be a source to then visit you placed sources.
  • At present we’re a team lower in numbers. But we’re expecting to rock the world with fruitful implementations pretty sooner. By such time, you will honored with all our exclusive implementations, offers… etc.

Enough of explanations I suppose. If you believe you’re truly here on this page to help users by volunteerting, you may write to us at support (at) geeklk (dot) com subjecting to “Requesting for guest posting”. 

If you would like to request for tutorials, you may write to the same subjecting to “Requesting for post on [POST SUBJECT]” with a proper summay, link or any acceptable sources for us to review and write.

Strictly!! Do not submit any complaints, suggestions, post privacy.. etc to us;  instead use the Contact Us page. We will not REVIEW any of them and simply THEY WILL BE IGNORED.


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