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Auto shutdown QNAP storage device with the help of an APC power supply

February 5, 2015


If you’re using a NAS (known as Network attached storage), the question you’ll always have is; how am I suppose to protect the DATA’s on it?? connecting the NAS to a UPS would reduce risks of losing DATA’s?? Well, I would say yes assuming your NAS and the UPS has a mutual understanding (or I call […]

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Beginning of a New Era – After Optical Disk Drives (ODDs)

January 7, 2015


Optical Disk Drives or ODD’s are simple devices which were designed to read/write CDs (Compact Disc), DVDs (Digital Versatile Disc) and Blue-Ray discs. They use a laser head to read and write the data onto the discs. ODD’s come in every laptop on the market today (except in some models) and almost every desktop computer has […]

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Restoring Viber messages from one PC to another

December 18, 2014


Been a while since I logged into my blog. I must say that being in IT and involving in projects keeps me away from the internet. I find it very difficult to spend some quality time writing articles of the troubles that I face in my day-to-day IT activities. Having that said, let me come […]

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Find a shared folder path easily on a Windows environment

May 20, 2014



Finding a shared folder path on a Windows environment or an Active Directory domain may sounds easy but took me few minutes to figure out. Even the keywords that I put in to Google was not displaying what I wanted; instead it showed me “Find a shared folder” which directed me on of Microsoft’s Technet library. […]

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4 Implementable tools you will need to your day-to-day functions

November 5, 2013



In our day to day life we need applications & programs (tools) to get our duties done. We use anonymous application programs for different type of purposes. There are commercial and non-commercial tools that we use to fulfill our needed tasks. And there are complex software suits to do specific tasks such like editing graphics, […]

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Android WCDMA / 3G only

April 25, 2013


After upgrading you phone to ICS or if you have a shiny new android phone you might not find WCDMA only option under network settings which is a painful thing when you have a lower 3G coverage and want to browse some websites or download some apps. Here’s a simple workaround. Open up the dial pad and […]

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Archive All Incoming & Outgoing Mails in Zimbra / Postfix

March 4, 2013

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My friend using Zimbra at his office asked me that if there’s any possibilities to keep all incoming and outgoing mails of all users in separate location where his boss can see the mails while users are unaware of it 😀 After few Google searches I found the solution. It basically auto bcc all inbound […]

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Rsync Script With File Versioning by Date

February 19, 2013


This script I’m using on my file server when mirroring the data from primary hard drive to backup and external hard drive. Which basically checks for the files which have been modified or deleted on primary by comparing backed up data on the backup drive and then move the unmodified and undeleted files from backup […]

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Multi Logins on Skype [no softwares needed]

February 18, 2013


As usual I was just working and suddenly wanted to use Skype to call my friend. No big deal!! Because, anyone can do such a thing by logging out from the existing and signing in with the one you needed. But there are very few who may need both to be logged in within one […]

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Zimbra 8.0 Outgoing SMTP Authentication

October 19, 2012



Recently I’ve installed zimbra 8.0 on one of my client’s server, but I couldn’t use existing wiki instructions to relay outbound mails through no-ip. After few searches, found the solution in zimbra forums. In brief we have to use zmlocalconfig instead of postconf. Follow the instructions below to enable outgoing smtp authentication in zimbra 8.0 […]

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