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Diagrams :: Intro to an Org Chart Software

December 9, 2013



Diagrams are for visual illustration purposes and they simplify our lives. A single diagram can visualize & express million words. Diagrams are used in almost 97% of the industries at present. Form kinder garden junior to the computer level professional uses diagrams. Especially IT and management professionals use diagrams the most as they needed frequently. […]

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Split DNS – Explained

December 30, 2012


In one of my previous post about setting up Zimbra mail server application, I’ve mentioned about configuring a Split DNS (local DNS) server using bind9 on server itself. In this article I’ll explain why is it important to a mail server and how it works. Before we go into detail, you should have a good […]

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Use the Internet wisely & Stay safe from DNS Changer malware

May 11, 2012



Hello Folks, Once again, I’m back with another piece of information which is useful for the users. Almost all the internet audience will be targeted on this since it’s a privacy & protecting your self over the internet. Okay!! Today’s topic is about the famous malware which is spreading over the net anonymously these days & injecting users computer […]

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How Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Works

April 11, 2012


Address Resolution Protocol

Followed by azker‘s article on OSI model Part-1 and Part-2. In this article I will explain what this ARP and why it’s important to know about it. In OSI Layers you see there are two types of addresses in OSI model. Network layer contains IP address and Datalink layer contains MAC address. When I was […]

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Network Layers (OSI Model) :: Explained [Part 2]

April 1, 2012



Have you missed the 1st part.. Read -> PART 1 Assuming you’ve read Part 01, I’m continuing to explain by expanding this article.. Alright!! I hope you’ve got to learn something about OSI model as we now going to learn about the networking layers which defines this model. As I’ve explained, there are seven layers […]

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Network Layers (OSI Model) :: Explained [Part 1]

March 28, 2012



Hmm!! Network layers… *sigh*… 😕 But, what the he*k is this OSI model & why….??!?!? Hehe… Jus’ chill out & take sometime to read this article if you love to study about networking… Alright!!! now we’ll start moving on to the topic… Okay, now if you’re a networking dude personally or by profession; you suppose know about […]

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Understanding Disk types & its benefits in windows environment [beyond the storage]

February 22, 2012


windows thumbnail

These are the disk storage types you use to see on windows environment. As a Microsoft user we knows only to format, copy/paste & store DATA’s within the hard disk. But, we never knew what actually can we do using these disk types or what benefit does it offer for it’s users. Well, there are two types of disk […]

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How to Setup Zimbra Open Source Mail Server on Ubuntu 10.04

February 14, 2012



Discuss more about posts, topics & issues at our GeekLK Help Zimbra, an open source mail server is not just to send and receive emails but it’s a fully featured collaboration suite which includes calendar, tasks, file-sharing, IM, mobile support and many more… Now, I wanted to deploy an email server on my work place and went […]

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Importing & Exporting large scaled Databases using MySQL dumper

January 30, 2012



For your information, there are different kinds of Database structures over the internet such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL.. etc. Now we’re discussing here; about MySQL which can be run through phpMyAdmin. It is actually an open-source tool written on PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL with a use of a web-browser. In this post, We’re […]

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Session Hijacking made easy – Android

December 31, 2011



Session Hijacking also known as a Sidejacking, is an attack stealing someones web session to gain unauthorized access. What is a web (HTTP) session Each & every time a user log into Facebook, Twitter or your banking account… etc, the web server will give the user a session ID or a token while the web browser stores […]

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