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Restoring Viber messages from one PC to another

December 18, 2014


Been a while since I logged into my blog. I must say that being in IT and involving in projects keeps me away from the internet. I find it very difficult to spend some quality time writing articles of the troubles that I face in my day-to-day IT activities. Having that said, let me come […]

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Meet the new Google Drive :: What’s new?

August 17, 2014



Google Drive is a file storage and a synchronization service provided by Google Inc. Though I’m too late to say this; it is still worth seeing the video log which explains about its updated and enhanced features of the new Drive for both mobile and web. Its simplicity and neat UI gives the best experience […]

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Speed Index :: A localized app to check internet speed by location [Enriching Srilanka]

December 11, 2013



Speed Index by Mobyle, is a localized android application (for Srilankans) developed by its founder Hameedul Aqeel.  This application provides an updated average speeds of localized network providers by its location. Which means; either a user needs to key-in their preferred place to obtain DATA from or by letting the GPS track down current location […]

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Diagrams :: Intro to an Org Chart Software

December 9, 2013



Diagrams are for visual illustration purposes and they simplify our lives. A single diagram can visualize & express million words. Diagrams are used in almost 97% of the industries at present. Form kinder garden junior to the computer level professional uses diagrams. Especially IT and management professionals use diagrams the most as they needed frequently. […]

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4 Implementable tools you will need to your day-to-day functions

November 5, 2013



In our day to day life we need applications & programs (tools) to get our duties done. We use anonymous application programs for different type of purposes. There are commercial and non-commercial tools that we use to fulfill our needed tasks. And there are complex software suits to do specific tasks such like editing graphics, […]

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BlackBerry Messenger for Android (BBM) :: A walk-through

October 23, 2013



After a big battle, long awaited BBM is arrived for both Android & iOS platforms. BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), an instant messaging application platform made for smartphone owners by Blackberry Ltd formerly known as RIM (Research In Motion). It was previously available only for the BlackBerry smartphones as now it support Android & iOS, the most famous mobile operating […]

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Viber for Desktop is just amazing

June 1, 2013


Viber, an instant messaging & a VOIP software developed for smartphones. It is also a cross-platform application. Now, very recently they have released their desktop application for Windows & MAC for its users. Viber actually syncs all your viber contacts, chat & history so that you can get connected with the contacts even when you’re […]

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Contacts+ :: A smart, beautiful & free contacts application [Android]

December 22, 2012



Contacts+ is really an alternative android application to the contacts app available on your respective devices. It is really a cool application I’d say. I did not know about this app until my colleague Sameera who’s the founder of asked me to install and give it a try. Well, I should say that it was worth […]

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Enriching Srilanka :: An Android app to check Sri Lankan train schedule

October 22, 2012



Indeed an awesome & a helpful application!!! Isn’t it? Well, I was thinking of writing a simple review for this application. But lacking of time made me to complete & publish the post a bit later… : ( Anyhow, this is what I thought when I started to using the application even-though I don’t travel […]

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My Track :: An Android App by Google

June 19, 2012

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I bid apology for any mistakes you found here, as I had to write this article in a hurry. Please feel free to comment or contact us regarding clarifications, suggestions & complaints.. etc. Well, Google a well known top-rated multinational corp, is a group who always focus on its users.  Since then the start from their […]

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