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How to Remove NewFolder.exe Virus

December 28, 2011


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Newfolder.exe is one of the most irritating viruses that affect your system through Pen drives. Once your system gets affected, it will start creating new folders resembling the name of the parent folder. If your folder name is “smn”, it will create the virus file “smn.exe”

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MD5 Hash for Beginners

November 28, 2011


MD5 hash….I think you all had listen this word more often, but most of them don’t know what is it and why is it…. OK i am not going to the detailed information of MD5 because it is somewhat hard to understand, rather than i will say its usage in daily life..

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Secure your Windows with Syskey

November 18, 2011


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Windows user passwords can easily be compromised by any geek  who has physical access to the PC. There are lot of tools to crack, reset, disable windows accounts and password such as Hiren’s Boot CD, OphCrack, Active@ Password Changer and more… To enhance login security, Windows has a hidden security feature called syskey gives us […]

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Creating Strong Passwords

November 16, 2011

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Passwords are an important aspect of computer security, because they are the front line protection for user accounts. A poorly chosen password of an individual may cause our entire network to be compromised. Thus, employees at RSSP are expected to follow these guidelines when selecting their passwords to keeping them secure.

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Ubuntu Guide for Backup and Sync Files With Grsync

November 4, 2011


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Many people care about their important data after they vanished or destroyed in some cases. Backing up data is one of the method to keep it secure. While having a backup storage it’s difficult to check and transfer only the files we’ve changed. There are many tools for automatically sync the changed files and keep […]

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Security Proffessionals or Cyber Criminals?

November 1, 2011


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Most people keep in mind that people called hackers are criminals who destroy or gain unauthorized access to Network systems, Stealing government’s confidential  information  and so on. Yes it is, but those people are one kind of hackers. So in this article let’s see who really are the hackers. In hacking world people called hackers […]

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Protect Your Computer from USB Viruses

October 23, 2011


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With increasing anti-virus security in place against email-aware viruses and malware, hackers are turning their attention to less well-defended routes such as USB drives. This is the latest method that’s used by hackers to torment innocent users. However, there are ways you can protect your computer from USB and Pen drive viruses.

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What is Dialers – Explained

October 21, 2011



Dialers are small computer programs designed to establish a connection to the Internet or other network over a telephone line. Virtually every operating system has such a program as a part of the Internet connection tools.

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What is Browser Hijackers – Explained

October 20, 2011


Browser Hijackers

Browser Hijackers are Adware/Malware programs that change the way your web browser behaves. They can: Replace your homepage and/or error page with its own, Add their own items to your Favorites/Bookmarks list, Display unwanted tool-bars Hijack your search queries and provide you their own, usually low quality, results. Browser hijackers usually perform all these actions […]

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What is Worms – Explained

October 17, 2011



Computer worms are malicious, stand-alone programs with the ability to self-replicate. Unlike viruses, they do not need host files to spread; they use computer networks, instead. They usually scan the Internet until they find a system with a security exploit and then use it to install a copy of the worm in that system.

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