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MySQL – Resolving error 1153 when exporting database

March 1, 2014



When it comes to importing & exporting MySQL database using command-line, we use to think that it’s pretty hard to do. Reason is because of GUI (graphical user interface), where most of us use to interact all the time but not the command line. I’d say it is slightly complicated to remember the commands and […]

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TweetUpSL 4 :: Its not just a social-event, its a community

December 10, 2013


TweetUpSL 4, just happened last week (Saturday 7th September 2013) with a massive amount of Tweep gathering at MCA (Mercantile Cricket Association). I’m worried that I couldn’t attend the event this time. #TweetUpSL will take place at Mercantile Cricket Association on the… 7th of December 2013!!! — TweetupSL ! (@TweetupSL) November 12, 2013 What is […]

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Multi Logins on Skype [no softwares needed]

February 18, 2013


As usual I was just working and suddenly wanted to use Skype to call my friend. No big deal!! Because, anyone can do such a thing by logging out from the existing and signing in with the one you needed. But there are very few who may need both to be logged in within one […]

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BlackBerry X10 (N-Series) :: Intro & Leaked Images

December 31, 2012


BlackBerry Logo

In our previous posts, we’ve explained about the blackberry features, it’s use, how it functions… etc. But, now BlackBerry has moved a lot more forward and about to release their new BlackBerry 10 by the mid of January or somewhere in February 2013. You can find more about BlackBerry in this post if you’ve no idea regarding […]

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How to Disable or Uninstall Android Bloatware

June 6, 2012


Manufacturers and carriers often load Android phones with their own apps. If you don’t use them, they just clutter your system and sometimes in the background, draining resources. Take control of your device and stop the bloatware. We’ll be focusing on disabling – also known as “freezing” bloatware here. It’s a safer process than uninstalling […]

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Gmail continues suprising with some new features

May 19, 2012



Discuss more about posts, topics & issues at our GeekLK Help Gmail is suprising its users by giving out updates, new & modified features time to time. If you haven’t noticed, Google has added some new minor features very recently as they’ve mentioned it in their official gmail blog. Itamar Gilad who’s the Product manager at […]

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3D Experience with Etisalat Sri Lanka at Majestic City (Tweeps gathering)

May 13, 2012



Phew!.. Marvelous, Outstanding, Mind-blowing.. what else, I’d say.. Indeed a good movie experience. I felt like “OMFG” after enjoying the movie. To be honest, it was my first & best 3D experience ever I’d say. Well, I’ve seen movies in good old days but not that I felt into those.. But this time, “The Avengers 2012” […]

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An unexpected surprise for GeekLK by Daily Mirror

April 17, 2012



Discuss more about post, topic & issues at our GeekLK Help Phew!! This is the moment we waited for as we’re now leading towards success. It’s a great honor for the GeekLK Team. Our web blog has been published on a local news papers last month (29th March 2012). It’s non-other than Daily Mirror who’s a leading […]

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Why GeekLK? ::

March 25, 2012



Discuss more about posts, topics & issues at our GeekLK Help Hello! Folks, Well, as you all know there are millions of web blogs on the internet growing anonymously over that past few years. Or I could say, it happens rapidly every 60 seconds.. Below is just a simple example posted on go-gulf, about how users interacts […]

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Resetting/Recovering, Master password on Firefox

January 27, 2012


FireFox is an open-source application given by Mozilla Corporation to their user for free use. It is basically an internet browsing application or I could say “web browser” in short. By the way, I don’t want to explain about firefox as you all may know more than me. ; ) Therefore, I’ll start explaining on what […]

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