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Installing OpenVPN with Shorewall in Ubuntu – Part 2

September 16, 2013



If you haven’t go through the OpenVPN installation part, you can check in Part 1. Now we have a client connected to the server with IP address First we need to tell server to route incoming packets destined to internet through server’s public IP. Which we call NAT. I’m using Shorewall to do the […]

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IPFire the Successor to IPCop

May 30, 2013



Being a fan of IPCop when I was trying to download it and just for my curiosity typed IPCop vs in Google search and found something interesting, an another firewall distro called IPFire. After doing some reading I found that it’s the completed version of current IPCop which includes all the features that are inbuilt into […]

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Private, Public and Illegal IP Addresses

March 31, 2013


What is a Public IP address Public IP Addresses (also known as Static IP Addresses) are IP addresses that are visible to the public.Because these ip addresses are public, they allow other people to know about and access your computer, like a Web server.In some cases, you do not want people to access your computer […]

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Split DNS – Explained

December 30, 2012


In one of my previous post about setting up Zimbra mail server application, I’ve mentioned about configuring a Split DNS (local DNS) server using bind9 on server itself. In this article I’ll explain why is it important to a mail server and how it works. Before we go into detail, you should have a good […]

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Zimbra 8.0 Outgoing SMTP Authentication

October 19, 2012



Recently I’ve installed zimbra 8.0 on one of my client’s server, but I couldn’t use existing wiki instructions to relay outbound mails through no-ip. After few searches, found the solution in zimbra forums. In brief we have to use zmlocalconfig instead of postconf. Follow the instructions below to enable outgoing smtp authentication in zimbra 8.0 […]

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How to Change Network Interface Name in Ubuntu (eth1 to eth0)

September 25, 2012


Network Interface Card

When last time I replaced the network card on my Ubuntu server and I couldn’t get the network to work.  Then I found ‘eth1‘ instead of ‘eth0‘ in ‘ifconfig’. But configuration was set to ‘eth0′ in ‘/etc/network/interfaces‘ file. So the solution is to rename ‘eth1′ back to ‘eth0′ as follows. In Ubuntu edit the following file. […]

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Latest HP SmartStart CD 8.70 Released x32 x64 Versions

June 26, 2012

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Much awaited version of SmartStart CD is released by HP. The new SmartStart CD 8.7 is released!!. SmartStart 8.7 supports latest version of Windows Server OS and is much needed for customer who wish to implement SBS 2011 on their servers.

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How Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Works

April 11, 2012


Address Resolution Protocol

Followed by azker‘s article on OSI model Part-1 and Part-2. In this article I will explain what this ARP and why it’s important to know about it. In OSI Layers you see there are two types of addresses in OSI model. Network layer contains IP address and Datalink layer contains MAC address. When I was […]

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Make your Home Server using Dynamic DNS

March 7, 2012



The purpose of this article is to explain about Dynamic DNS and it’s usage. I’ll walk through by setting up Dynamic DNS system for your server. What is Dynamic DNS and how it works In short it’s the replacement for the requirement of static IP. First you need to understand how DNS works, check out this article. […]

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How to Setup Zimbra Open Source Mail Server on Ubuntu 10.04

February 14, 2012



Discuss more about posts, topics & issues at our GeekLK Help Zimbra, an open source mail server is not just to send and receive emails but it’s a fully featured collaboration suite which includes calendar, tasks, file-sharing, IM, mobile support and many more… Now, I wanted to deploy an email server on my work place and went […]

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