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How Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Works

April 11, 2012


Address Resolution Protocol

Followed by azker‘s article on OSI model Part-1 and Part-2. In this article I will explain what this ARP and why it’s important to know about it. In OSI Layers you see there are two types of addresses in OSI model. Network layer contains IP address and Datalink layer contains MAC address. When I was […]

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Top 10 IT Certifications in 2012 (CTS)

December 24, 2011



Mobile, Cloud, Social and Data Analytic Technologies are Expected to be the big movers in 2012, says a December 2011 article from iTWire. Virtualization and security were already buzzwords in 2011, but new in 2012 is the emphasis on enterprise social collaboration and business analytics Technology.

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Portforwarding Explained [GeekLK]

September 2, 2011

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network port

If you want to reach your friend through the phone call you’ll need his/her phone number. Likewise in IP Network environment to reach a host or a server you need an address called IP Address Eg- And the network services requesting on that host or server is separated by protocols which also have numbers […]

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Difference between Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches

August 1, 2011

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Layer 2 switches and Layer 3 switches – you may have heard the terms before. So what exactly are they? Both switch types have the capability of linking network devices together from one port to another. Unlike hubs, switches distribute data more intelligently as it interprets them and sends it out to the right destination. […]

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Spiceworks – Best free Network Management Software

June 28, 2011

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To keep a network infrastructure up-to date monitoring and reporting must be done frequently and It’s a most important task for Network Administrators. Spiceworks provides awesome network management software to monitor and reporting all kind of network equipments in the network.  The cool thing about this software is, it’s nothing but FREE. Once the Spiceworks […]

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5 Steps to Setting Up a Wireless Network

October 18, 2010


Wireless networks are becoming faster, more affordable and easier to adopt than ever. Growing small businesses that have adopted a wireless solution are already reporting immediate paybacks in higher productivity, flexible application mobility and greater worker satisfaction. Roughly 228,000 small businesses currently have remote access capabilities built into their networks for security monitoring and, according […]

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Explaining DMZ’s and Port Forwarding

September 30, 2010


First some definitions (greatly simplified) Ports: Applications running on TCP/IP open connections to other computers using something called ports. Ports allow multiple applications to reside on a single computer – all talking TCP/IP. Ports are another set of numbers AFTER the standard IP address. Applications often hide these port numbers to reduce the complexity of […]

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