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pfSense – configuring Windows Active directory authentication

March 3, 2014



pfSense, one of the most powerful open-source firewall router (software based) which is completely based on FreeBSD OS family. Now you may assume, that you will need to know about terminal commands to control and manage this. Well, part of it is true as you will need to know about commands for any advancing purpose […]

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How to Setup WebDAV Based File Server Using Apache2 on Ubuntu 12.04

December 26, 2013



​Hi fellas, after a while going to write about setting up a WebDAV based file sharing system. What’s WebDAV? Well, to make it simple it’s a protocol for read write access to the file system works in conjunction with http ​web services. Somewhat similar to ftp access. One advantage using this setup is you can […]

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JustDelete.Me :: Deleting accounts made easy

September 4, 2013



JustDelete.Me is directory which has a collection of other websites, direct links to delete/de-activate an account of a user. This web service comes in handy as a user do not need of hesitating him/herself in searching for the deleting part. Well, some says that the app authenticate to your respective accounts even to delete. What […]

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ownCloud | An Open Source Dropbox Alternative

January 8, 2013



Your own data, your own cloud. ownCloud is a full featured Dropbox alternative server application run on your own server. Owncloud can be setup and running with minimal configuration. The basic requirement is a working LAMP server. Like Dropbox and Google Drive Images music files can be accessible from web interface without need to download. Also […]

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Get Google for Windows 8

October 30, 2012



As I always say; “Google will never let you down at any time.” Once again, they proved it by releasing google search applet & chrome support for Windows 8. Windows 8, is the latest build released by Microsoft this month (October 2012). Microsoft has built the operating system using a Hybrid kernel this time. Simply, […]

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Setup a Headless Transmission Client in Ubuntu 12.04

August 10, 2012


Transmission headless

After searching for a solution to run Transmission BitTorrent client as a service (daemon) instead of opening manually and keep the running icon on the desktop and found ‘transmission-daemon’ package which will let us to run Transmission in a headless server or in our own NAS. Transmission daemon can be accessed by its’ web interface […]

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Google Fiber :: Internet for the next generation

July 30, 2012



Well, I woke-up early morning since its the fasting season, took my morning meal as usual, went out for prayers & came back to check some of the updates over the net. In a while, I started searching about nginx, which is a HTTP server similar to Apache (a more powerful service than Apache which […]

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Y U No Try Google Drive (Google Docs)

June 5, 2012


Google Drive

Most people don’t realize how much it’s important to keep a backup of their important files, photos, documents,etc… until they loose it by system crashes or data corruptions. You don’t need to worry about this anymore. Now you can keep those stuff synced in the cloud. Even if your local machine got into fire (shouldn’t […]

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Forgot to sign out of my Gmail account

May 19, 2012


Gmail logo

Discuss more about posts, topics & issues at our GeekLK Help It happened to me once. I walked out from one of my clients site and then I just realized that I forgot to sign out from my Google drive. All Google services works with single sign in :). So I could sign out all currently logged in […]

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Resetting/Recovering, Master password on Firefox

January 27, 2012


FireFox is an open-source application given by Mozilla Corporation to their user for free use. It is basically an internet browsing application or I could say “web browser” in short. By the way, I don’t want to explain about firefox as you all may know more than me. ; ) Therefore, I’ll start explaining on what […]

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