About Us

GeekLK, is a  community blog based on IT & Technologies founded in 2010.  GeekLK is a suitable source of web media for all kind of users who would like to learn new things in latest IT/Techs. We practically share our own knowledge by testing such softwares, networking tricks, add-ons, OS (operating system)… etc. Simply!! we learn, practice, troubleshoot & then we explore to the whole techies out there who actually in need to be learned free.

Our Mission is to provide all our readers/users simple understandable medium (audio/video clips, images..etc) & high-quality post to make them selves a better learning way. And we make each & every tutorial understandable using such easy-to-learn techniques.

Keep in touch with us using our Contact Form or by tweeting with us via Twitter:

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GeekLK is a pretty small team filled with talented & experienced bloggers. Due to the lack of blog writers, our updates will be comparatively low than a random page. But, we’ll always try to keep this up-to-date as much as possible using informative posts. Also, we’re on a process by developing our blog & expanding some new, fruitful features in near future.

Get to know the GeekLK Team 

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