Gmail continues suprising with some new features

May 19, 2012

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Gmail is suprising its users by giving out updates, new & modified features time to time. If you haven’t noticed, Google has added some new minor features very recently as they’ve mentioned it in their official gmail blog. Itamar Gilad who’s the Product manager at Gmail said;

Email is more than just messages going back and forth — it’s also about the people sending them. That’s why today we’re introducing changes that continue to bring people front and center in Gmail, just as we did with profile photos in conversation view, the people widget and last year’s integrations with Google+.

In shorter, the features as follows;

  • Quick access to contact details – When you search for an email address, the search results will now show you contact details in addition to that person’s profile photo and the emails sent from and to them. From here, you can start a chat, call their phone and more.
  • Improved circle integration and circle search – It actually displays the e-mail in search from the circled people you received from. (E.g.: If you have a circle named “Office”, when you search for the particular circle in gmail search; it actually displays all the e-mail which you received from the mentioned “Office” circle & also their contact in a small box.

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