Hands-On Experience with Xperia™ on ICS 4.0 :: Android™

Phew! It’s little late for me to write a such a review on the Android™‘s latest software Ice-Cream Sandwich 4.0. But it’s something new for me though, as I’m testing with a Sony Xperia smart-device. Yes, very recently Sony Ericsson which is now named as Sony Mobile, has started enrolling ICS update for their promised devices. Okay, now I assume you don’t need an introduction to Android since it became the world most popular open-source software ever. But, if you still want to learn about the OS & it’s components, then simply google it, or  try digging in wikipedia else refer this (well, if you wanted to.. 😀 ).

By the way, I’m using an Xperia™ Ray.. Well, I felt it’s quiet enough for me as it made me satisfied with it’s unique features. 1Ghz CPU, 1GiG internal & 512MiB RAM memory (420MiB available after ICS update), 8MP Camera, 16M colors with ~297 ppi pixel density… etc. Isn’t it a kick-ass device!! : D

 Actually, I did not know until my colleague inform me. So, I started digging my phone settings to check whether the ICS update is available or not. But, unfortunately it turn back to me with a failure as my phone displayed, that it is up to date.

After waiting for some days; I suddenly got a chat pop-up from my old school colleague who’s using the same phone saying; “Dude! check the new ICS update for Xperia.. It’s damn cool..  navigation & processes were so smooth & fast”.. I quickly ran in to my place & installed the “PC Companion Software” which comes with the phone & there we go!!.. Heavenly, the update showed up & I updated the phone.. Finally, I’m on ICS.. : D

ICS Features (based on what I see in my Xperia™ device)

  • New activity manager to kill active apps as user wish.
  • More developed UI (user-interface) with advanced settings panel.
  • Increase internal memory (between 320MiB to 420MiB on my device).
  • In-built DATA monitor with the ICS update.
  • Increased RAM Usage & Manageable user powers.
  • Face unlock feature to the screen lock.
  • Strong Voice keyboard support by Google.
  • Multiple GTalk login & many more..

Random screens taken on my Xperia™





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7 Responses to “Hands-On Experience with Xperia™ on ICS 4.0 :: Android™”

  1. Arshad Says:

    Wonderful brother. Thumbs up…;-)


  2. Shameer Says:

    Nice phone :) And and interesting post bro :)


  3. fairul Says:

    how about the performance before & after upgrade?



    • Azker M Says:

      Hey Bro,

      Well after the upgrade phone is little sluggish but not that much an effect. Other than the phone is pretty smooth in performing.

      Give it a try 😉


  4. roco Says:

    hy wt abt the 4.0 update to the neo v ?


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