Turn your Windows PC into a Wi-Fi Hot Spot

Nowadays everyone has wireless smartphones tablets etc. Sharing the internet from a wireless enabled PC or lap in windows is not easy for non techy people. In this tutorial I will demonstrate on how to setup and easily share your existing internet connection to all other wireless devices instantly.

Connectify me hotspot application.

Connectify me is easy to setup and share internet connection. It is available for free and commercial. Free version has some limitation for devices and SSID cannot be changed. But it’s ideal for home and small office environments. You can download  from Connectify me home page. The setup procedure is simple. Run the setup and you are good to go.

Connectify me

Using Virtual Router application

This is completely free and you can customize the SSID. Unlimited connections and with no any restrictions. You can download it from the following link.

Virtual Router Manager


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    For a “noob” this guide is useless.


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